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What we learned during Service Design Week

“The week had a clearer view of what is service design and how design thinking is applied through realizing the real needs of the customer. Mapping the users journey and the blueprint canvas was very insightful for our project”

During the week of April 9th–13th we had a chance to participate in Service Design Week 2018, an intensive workshop organized by Jorge Rodriguez and Daniel Zentgraf for us, students of ELISAVA’s MIDI and MADE programmes.

The workshop week aimed to introduce us to the basic principles of service design. This time, together with students from MADE programme, we have been working on various challenges such as developing learning tools for Doctors Without Borders, creating a sense of community and belonging for Elisava Alumni association members, and many more.

Service design is essential for organizations when it comes to interaction and engagement between them and their customers, that’s why it was so important to identify our users’ needs, find pains and opportunities in order to provide feasible, viable and desirable solutions.

Each team has been working hard, brainstorming, experimenting and learning together, thanks to the facilitators and co-facilitators…

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