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The Future of Learning and Education at The Post-Institutional Café

The Königs-Galerie Kassel hosted, during Documenta Fifteen the first edition of the Post-Institutional Café, a community-driven collaborative place for rethinking the future of learning and education systems, exploring alternative learning options throughout the world, and connecting great minds to build new learning models for future generations.
This international café is a meeting point for global conversations with interesting learning and educational initiatives from around the world in four different spaces: 

​A Conversation Bar: where our barman will host you and have deep personal talks about your experiences with education and learning in your life.
A Playroom : where you will be able to build your own learning or educational model based on global experiences.
A Public Forum for talks with global pioneers, where you will meet and participate in virtual and physical talks with experts from around the world.
A Reading Room: to focus on documents, books, catalogues, and videos that show learning at its best.

At the Post-Institutional café you can enjoy great coffee and explore new formats of learning and information transfer. This conversational residency will collect concepts as jigsaw pieces for educators to develop their own personalised and local models using streaming and social media. The thematic focus is on learning and education, how educational systems are collapsing, the commoditization of education and training, and how a more collaborative, perhaps community-based educational system and learning experiences are possible. 

We reflect on how, in recent years, events like the COVID-19 pandemic have forced many educational systems to review their purpose and mechanisms, how parents have realised the importance of their participation in their children´s education, how The Alpha generation has different needs than any previous generation, and how we as adults are capable of training ourselves when we have the mental space for it.

Several questions arise around this exercise: Are universities and colleges doing their best for you to learn what you need? Does your training mean you will get a better job or be more prepared to run your business or life? Which skills and knowledge do you really need and want? Is the educational system fair to the potential of professors, researchers, and teachers? Does paying thousands for a course make sense when all you get is networking?

The schedule and format of the Post-Institutional Café consist of international expert talks, collective participation, and hands-on workshops (where teams of participants develop analyses and conclusions about these topics). A collection of ideas and concepts that emerge from these conversations as pieces of a puzzle that you can play with in our playroom and later wherever you are to build your own educational model for the future.

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