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EDCrunch Kazakhstan 2023

Last November more than 3000 educators, technology companies and institutions attended the 8th edition of EdCrunch in Almaty Kazakhstan.

This year panels, presentations and workshops played around Artificial intelligence for education, new spaces and technologies in the classroom and lifelong learning as a vision for the future.

The corporate track presented our MIDI method as part of the panel discussion of what and how to learn in the next five years. Post-institutional learning is becoming a trend among corporate and institutional learning processes since employees need constant skills updating but have very little time.

LIK Learning Model - MIDI Method Certification
LIK Learning Model - MIDI Method Certification

The way we will learn in the next 5 years will radically change with the inclusion of AI tools as learning companions and the development of personalised generative content. Augmented reality, gamification, simulations and remote projects will help us understand and practice in a very fast way concepts and technical abilities to perform our jobs.

EdCrunch Kazakhstan 2023 witnessed a dynamic and insightful presence in the form of Jorge Rodriguez, an esteemed learning expert known for his innovative approaches to education systems and technology integration. Rodriguez's participation left an indelible mark on the event, sparking engaging discussions and inspiring educators and industry professionals alike.

Jorge Rodriguez from la Innovation Kitchen
Jorge Rodriguez from la Innovation Kitchen

A Visionary Speaker:

As a featured speaker at EdCrunch Kazakhstan, Jorge Rodriguez captivated the audience with his visionary insights into the future of education. Drawing on his extensive experience in the field, Rodriguez explored the intersection of technology, pedagogy, and student engagement, offering a fresh perspective on how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Innovative Approaches to Learning:

One of the highlights of Rodriguez's presentation was his emphasis on disruptive approaches to institutional learning. He shared case studies and success stories from his own programs, demonstrating the transformative power of embracing new technologies and methodologies. Attendees were inspired to rethink traditional educational models and explore creative solutions that cater to diverse learning styles.

Interactive Sesssions:

Beyond the keynote address, Jorge Rodriguez actively engaged with participants through interactive Sessions. These sessions provided a hands-on opportunity for educators to explore practical strategies for integrating technology, experience design and open knowledge into their classrooms. Rodriguez's approachable demeanor and willingness to share practical insights made these workshops a valuable experience for all attendees.

Global Perspectives on Education:

EdCrunch Kazakhstan aims to be a platform for exchanging global perspectives on education, and Jorge Rodriguez's presence exemplified this commitment. Through his discussions and interactions, Rodriguez bridged cultural and regional gaps in educational systems, fostering a sense of global collaboration in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Networking and Collaboration:

The event served as a hub for networking and collaboration, and Rodriguez played a key role in facilitating meaningful connections among educators, ed-tech professionals, and policymakers. His advocacy for cross-disciplinary collaboration underscored the importance of collective efforts in shaping the future of education.

Michael Lewrick, Maria Staschenko and Jorge Rodriguez
Michael Lewrick, Maria Staschenko and Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez's participation in EdCrunch Kazakhstan 2023 left an enduring impact on the education community. By championing innovative approaches to learning, fostering global perspectives, and actively engaging with participants, Rodriguez contributed to the event's mission of advancing education through collaboration and shared insights. As educators and industry professionals continue to reflect on the lessons learned from Rodriguez's presence, it's clear that his contributions will resonate in the ongoing dialogue surrounding the evolution of education in the 21st century.

Lifelong learning is not only about work and productivity. It includes a big space for our mental health, spiritual growth and social skills. We understand learning journeys as a holistic path that articulates all our human dimensions to fulfil our lives as a whole. The most important part of these journeys should be our personal decisions about vocation, future ambitions and life purposes.

Knowledge already flows like a stream, waiting to be navigated by many.

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