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Corporate Academies

Training programmes, corporate universities, and internal certifications all call for specialised, unique architecture.
Long-term projects that are overseen by HR or education departments within companies are the products of our work at La Innovation Kitchen. Every organisation has a different operating environment, and one of the keys to success is keeping employees up to date.

Our over 15 years of expertise in creating training programmes and learning experiences for academic and corporate institutions reveals our innate ability to develop learning structures that clearly communicate business, technical, and soft skills. From a human-centred yet commercially efficient standpoint, we support companies that are willing to invest in the professional and personal growth of their workforce.

Our specific training programmes and procedures are created, and we also teach your internal leaders to give teams the freedom to create people-oriented

Some Examples

Design Thinkers España BOSCH Training – Coaching Product Development
Design Thinkers España BOSCH

Focused on Product Development


We have designed the corporate program for training the service design team within the global UX department with the aim of improving and innovating in product development, marketing and sales of services for Bosch customers in the automotive branch.

Then, we developed a plan for monitoring and coaching during the implementation phase.

corporate Teams enjoy learning experiences at La Innovation Kitchen
Design Thinkers España MICHELIN

Train the Trainers Program


Our team worked as facilitators for a series of workshops with Michelin Automotive original equipment customers to co-create new service offerings around their combined products.

Successive prototyping and ideation sessions ended up with project teams that have been trained to pursue new services around a number of key innovation topics.

We worked in Service Design coaching and sales and marketing trainer to the Michelin OE global team.

young leaders in Teams enjoy learning experiences at La Innovation Kitchen
Design Thinkers España SKODA

Train the Trainers


Designed as a continuous service innovation process focused on existing customers.
Skoda understands that providing services that truly help customers achieve their goals is a key differentiator in building loyalty.
Through a 'Train the Trainers' program and co-creation workshops, new innovative service concepts are developed and implemented through a prototyping process.
Both internal and external stakeholders are involved in the process. The project resulted in new service concepts and an implemented process and people trained to work on continuous service innovation.

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