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Understand the past & look to the future

With every day of research we are finding out more shocking aspects about the fashion industry. Our minds are opening wider and wider to what is actually happening in the world. The truth is that if you are not interested or aware, you don’t care. But now, after a few weeks of research we are even more curious. We are digging deeper and deeper expanding our knowledge about fast fashion, consumptionism, the scale of corruption, types of textiles and fabrics. Because we are wiser we are changing our shopping habits, while buying we are checking the labels and asking overselfs: Do I really need another T-shirt?

If you want your awareness to grow, here is a movie that presents a scrap of the truth. Below it you will find our first presentation where we collected signals, patterns and identified trends that we think can lead us to a solution for our challenge.

How might we improve the fashion textile supply chain through better transparency to provide a more sustainable production and/or consumption?


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