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Trendslab17 INterDEPENDENCE

According to Webster’s dictionary interdependence is the state of being dependent upon one another: mutual dependence interdependence of the two nations’ economies.

It quotes:

” … a form of symbiosis, of close mutual interdependence of two species of organisms. “—Marston Bates

“… the deep psychological interdependence between ourselves and those we love.” —Judith A. Savage

Contemporary reality is based on complexity and speed. These relationships create permanent and temporary interdependencies among people, movements, trends and most political, cultural and economic forces. We are consciously experiencing The Butterfly Effect.

Plurality and diversity affect the notion of truth and the distribution of information and news, creating what the know today as Fake News or alternative truths, based on the plural perception and interpretation of facts and reality. Never before subjectivity has been as strong as today, making complexity even more confusing. No official version exists anymore.

The focus of this year´s lab is around Interdependencies and how trends are a mixture of political, economic and cultural factors that as a whole determine a very intricate set of relations and dependencies between businesses and many other aspects of modern life.This Lab will provide you the tools for analysing trends and planning them in future scenarios. It also supports the development of innovative entrepreneurial projects from students at the masters program in Advanced Design Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Elisava..

For the first time the more established three Trends Research University programs come together (Elisava 2008, Fontys and University of Lisbon) to exchange and share visions and methodologies around trends research and application. During this 5 days lab, you will develop a trend-analysis lab carried out in order to identify and apply trends in three main sectors: Social trends, industry trends, and product trends.

Our Guest Speakers and facilitators will be:

  1. Nelson Pinheiro, Trends Observer & University of Lisbon

  2. Jorge Rodriguez, DesignThinkers Group Spain – Elisava

  3. Carla Montanè, MIDI Elisava

  4. Francesca Tur, Tendencias.TV

Pedro Gaspar Fernandes, Trend Hunter

  1. Josep Monguet, MIDI Elisava -UPC

  2. Maya Ninova, MIDI Elisava

  3. Juan Isaza, DDB Latina Miami


PART 1 > THEORY Day 1 Monday November 13th

17:00-19:00h: Discussion Panel Videostreamed, Jorge Rodriguez DesignThinkers Group Spain, Carla Montanè MIDI Elisava, Francesca Tur Tendencias.TV A brief introduction to the world and structure of trends
19:15- 20:00h Teams and Project Assignment Field Work methodology Carla Montané

PART 2 > LEARNING BY DOING – Project Based Learning

Day 2 Tuesday November 14th:

  1. 17: 00- 19:00h Out in the streets, information gathering g. Carla Montanè MIDI Elisava

19:15-21:00h Exploring and Working with trends at DDB. Juan Isaza – Strategic Planning / Social Media Vice President at DDB Latina.

Day 3 Wednesday November 15th:

17:00- 18:00: Online Hunting Internet and social networks. Maya Ninova, 18:00-19:00h Collective Intelligence, Josep Maria Monguet 20:00 – 21:15h Online Hunting Internet and social networks. Maya Ninova,

Day 4 Thursday November 16th

17:00- 18:00h Zeitgeist & Storytelling of products & services. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer, U Lisboa 18:00h -19:00h Trends Driven Innovation Teleconference by Pedro Gaspar Fernandes Trend Hunter 19:15- 21:15h Scenario Building, analysis and application of trends to specific exercises. Foresight, Forecast. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer,

Day 5 Friday November 17th:

  1. 17:00- 19.00h Trends Driven Innovation Proposal. Opportunities Scenario Creation Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer,

  2. 19.30 – 21:00h presentation of an Innovation proposals based on trends. Nelson Pinheiro Trends Observer y Carla Montanè.

Trendslab is Organised every year by DesignThinkers Group Spain this edition with the support of Trends Observer, University of Lisbon, Trendwatching, DDB Latina and Tendencias tv


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