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The Vintage Divas of 2017

We decided to interview five strong and beautiful women who were glad to share their opinion on Vintage/second-hand clothing with us. It turned out to be a great experience and very informative to hear opinions from such strong-minded girls.

Maria, 21, Fashion Photographer living in London, UK

1. How did you get into Vintage? 

As an artist I am always trying to find something unique to wear that expresses my personality and my style. Vintage always seems to give me that!

2. What appeals to you about vintage clothes?

Vintage clothes are not for everyone, some people consider them trashy and not modern. I consider them timeless. I appreciate their quality, their cuts and the importance of them never being “out”.

3. How does vintage influence your personal style?

As i said before, vintage expresses my personality. For me this is a tool of creating my personal style. Important to…

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