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When to innovate in your organization?

Do you have an idea for brainstorming, a new feature, service, a product to launch, or a budget to invest in innovation but don't know when is the best moment to start?

Become an innovative organization seems an ambitious goal. However, is a mindset that must be cultivated within all stakeholders to progress and make an impact on people's lives. Innovation relates to an improvement an organization can develop in order to solve a problem or make more efficient customer needs and user experiences. It can be developed every day within an organization that promotes an environment to make an innovation culture where employees' ideas can connect and create. There are key factors to keep on mind when deciding when a disruptive innovation should start. For example, external changes around the company and the context the make customers' behaviors change drastically, like these pandemic times, with a New Normal. Also, it's important to keep an eye on the economic changes to approach the best moment for discovering new opportunities in your niche. Make a plan for innovation objectives in short, medium, and long terms, so the execution can be developing in a more organized way and keeping track of the features, tasks, and stakeholders. To prioritize these objectives it is important to think about how the completion is going to have an impact and can strengthen the relationship with customers. Usually, the hardest part is the beginning but we encourage you to start by thinking about customers, business values, and employees' skills. Then start with the short term and measure results to achieve. Let us know your opinion! We make innovation your culture! #innovation #servicedesign #designthinking #innovationculture


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