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The Reflection of The Photo Research

What is the lens-based culture for us?

We thought about the reflections of objects. When someone talks about "lens-based" everyone agrees we have a medium like a lens to see our environment. Although, we went back to the beginning, the invention of camera obscura. Camera Obscura works much like a human eye and project the objects on another surface. When we understood how the camera works, we realized people see the reflections. If we say the camera and eye use the same process to create an image, everything around us becomes a reflection. Moreover, with the camera, we can catch the moment inside in a frame as a reflection of that moment.

The reflection has many layers when we talk about the process of the taking photo, one from the objective which is related to the photographer, one from the camera, one layer from the subject. After taking the image, we have another layer too, audience. Who, when, where look at this image and what they feel about it. It also creates another reflection.

What is next for our project?

In our project, we already focused on human behaviours in the street. How they react the changes comes with the pandemic. We collected some photos of the people in the street. However, we realized we need a language to express our findings efficiently. We decided to use the same typology in each pattern to make it clearer to understand.


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