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Steelcase Insights.

The most common thing that catches our eyes was steelcase’s How might we in the education partnership project./ “How might we redesign a teaching experience in an environment of evolving technologies, future skill demands & shifting generational expectations that engages and delights? “ And their persons were made on the values that they believe in just like our personas that we build on the research that we did this semester. Steel case values were: honesty, dignity & respect, integrity, excellence and sustainability. After this awesome visit we were granted by lunchboxes and left with a uplifting new approach to our projects.

The field trip to Munich was so much amusing that as InQ creative team, we felt inspired mostly by our masterclass visit to the steelcase company. It was Tuesday morning when all the midi gathered to go for a visit to steel case company to know in-depth how their centre works. Not only because they believe that an organisation should be innovative in order to move forward and faster int he mark but also they relocated their building from the suburb of Munich, Germany to the heart of the city,

They strongly believe that an organisation should be located between people’s everyday’s life in order to deliver a human centred product. There was a brief presentation about their latest product that was classroom furniture solutions for education. Steelcase Education is focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective and inspiring active learning environments to meet the needs…

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