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Sport Clubs in Barceloneta 1/11

In order to understand the sports community in Barceloneta, we start by mapping out all the main area of activities.

Along the beach, there are 2 major sport clubs, 800m away from BOX Barcelona.

Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta (Public Club) C.N.A.B

Club Natació Barcelona (Private Club) C. N. B

2017-11-01 17.21.09 copy.jpg

On 1 November 2017, we did an in-depth interview about the private club (CNB) – 

Club Natació Barcelona.  This club was established in 1907 and soon to celebrate their 110th year anniversary.

In this interview, Mr Carlos was our guide and he has been working here for 8 years, watching how the club flourish in the earlier years, hitting the crisis two years ago and marking their next milestone in the next few years.

The entire interview took 3 hours, 5.30pm–8.30pm and could be broken down to six sections; history, members, activities, facilities & services, events, partnerships and case study.

  1. History

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