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Shaping the future

We know what a drum is because of the way it looks, how it works and even how it sounds when you play it.

But how can we distinguish something that we haven’t seen or experienced?

We can’t, unless we are able to create. To shape it.

We are d-shapers.

A multicultural interdisciplinary team focused on shaping the future.

Say hi to the team members!

Antonina Tataj

An information management engineer. For her diploma project she developed a mock-up and tested user experience of HikeMe, a new mobile application dedicated to increase safety in high mountain hiking tourism. She gained experience working as a trainee for over 1,5 years in a consulting company.

Rosana Pombo Cruz

After studying Industrial design and product development in Spain, she worked as an UX designer for over 3 years at Cheil Germany. The international experience and the agency type of work brings her a dynamic approach to all kinds of projects (from retail experiences to digital products), contexts and clients.

José Paíno Maté

Creative, art director & brand identity strategist. Eleven years of national and international experience. I enjoy diversity and multiculturalism and I consider myself resolutive, flexible, positive and curious.

Some clients I've worked for:

Coca-Cola, Disney, Repsol, Mapfre, Acciona, Opel, Metro de Madrid, Ron Barceló, Movistar, Hewlett-Packard, Kiwoko, Spanish Minister of State for Health, Australian Department of Education, Valladolid City Council, Turespaña, etc.

...and some companies & agencies I've worked in:

McCann WorldGroup (Madrid), Monash University (Melbourne), Engine Brand Experience (Melbourne), Tactics Europe (Madrid), among others.

Alfredo Méndez.

Industrial designer with 6 years of experience in technological projects. With his studio, has won several prizes. including: Red Dot Award, A’ Design Award, Premio Nacional de Diseño. His work has been shown in Mexico, Madrid, and Singapore.

Our background and expertise let us D-scover and D-fine the challenges the world is facing in this new D-gital era, with a D-sruptive vision of innovation.

Join us in our project.


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