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We just finished another intensive week working on our project. We were still researching and organizing gathered information in order to be able to start ideating with a clearer idea of our challenge.

This week we had another meeting with Ekipa, which was actually a digital workshop. We had to define our persona, a person that we are focusing on. We created Ana who is a new buyer of a fridge. We mostly concentrated on her behaviors, actions, needs and pain points. It went smoothly until we had to create a „Customer Journey Map” for her. On the other hand, we also created another persona called Martin who is a manager in a collection point and BSH company persona, both of whom gave us their point of view on the process.

Below you can read our „Point of view” that we came up with:

The home appliances industry needs a way to integrate circularity into its business models because the world, and therefore all stakeholders involved throughout the supply chain, are becoming more aware of their impact on the planet.

At the end of the week, we were participating in the first co-creation session where we were discovering the importance of this stage in developing the project. In our Book Club, we were deepening our knowledge on design thinking methodology discussing the book by Tim Brown „Change by design”.

Below you can have a look on our “Customer Journey Map”!


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