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Reflection of Pandemic


I’m young and I did it

So you can do it!

This could be a hope!

The people are afraid about the safety of this vaccine in particular for the Millennials people. This is because this vaccine was launched in the short time for a private profit. Is it the truth? Is it the fault of fake news? We can’t know that but certainly the role of social media has played an important role in this thinking, a battle begins in social media to convey the thoughts to the world. We could see many photos of people getting the vaccine since the beginning of January with the aim of winning this battle and proving the reliability of this vaccine.

The young people, high energy, strong immunity, and many of them do not believe in the vaccine even Covid-19. However, there is still a wave which calls for vaccines between them on Instagram. Many of them shared their photos not to brag or show off, but to encourage others to get vaccinated when you’re able to lead us to a COVID-free world. Therefore, It is time to lead by example with a huge network community like Instagram, establish widespread immunity, and emerge from this devastating global health crisis.


By doing online research and typology, we found that there are many users from the social network showing their vaccine records, more and more young people are getting engaged in this wave, those photos are not in the same angle but they are all taking a selfie with their vaccine record with their optimistic faces. And that shares a high level of consistency.

Chair Towers

The Methodology

We use the same typology in each frame of the chair tower. The audience sees the chair towers in the centre with a frontal view like a human portrait. These portraits are the reflection of the current chaos of restaurant businesses, which are most uncertain due to constantly changing regulations.

The Process

We started the observation with common streets in the city. Try to identify what behaviours can be significant for circumstances. We find that the chairs sitting on each other without people sitting on them is meaningful to describe current confusion.

The photos were captured from different restaurants in the city centre.

The time period of the collecting photos, restaurants can be open at 7.30am-9.00am and 1.00pm-3.30pm. They can deliver take away orders.

People Without Chairs

While the chairs sitting on the chairs people also need place to sit. We collected photos when people can't sit in the restaurants according to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Natasha Christia
Natasha Christia
Feb 09, 2021

Dear Mindbenders,

Thank you very much for your contribution!

You are dealing with observation and a vast and liquid situation here, and you have rightfully decided to focus on some of its aspects.

I think that this transition from despair to hope (negative-positive message) now in 2021 is essential and that it will be reflected in the attitudes of people.

So in this sense, your photoresearch is anticipating what is about to come. And it records the shift and progress, which is a very effective way of storytelling. So Well done!

As mentioned during our second class,

  • it would be interesting to add some further examples.

  • Perhaps you could specify further your target: the behaviour of young people when it…


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