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Presentation our challenge

Within this “INSPIRATION” phase within the design thinking process, in order to explore empathy and gain “ prospective of the challenge” We have used a “FIVE ELEMENT – FRAMEWORK” to frame our challenge

As you know, we are the INQ creative team and our client is MSF, Doctors without Borders. And MSF is an international humanitarian non-governmental organisation best known for its projects in war-torn regions and developing countries affected by endemic diseases. Last semester, YAhe team started the journey and worked with them for a semester and now we are taking it from where they finished. 

Thanks to the trend report of Yahe team from last semester, we now have a strong background of our project. Taking into account that they faced the same challenge as we did, only they resolved through different research and action methodologies. We decided this trend report into parts, the content of research and the content of implementation. As for the content of research, the information provided by this report is interrogated by all the research of the organisation, the identification of the challenge and finally the…

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