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PhotoResearch: MIDIs through their pictures

How we use the methodology

Our goal by using the PhotoResearch methodology was to understand our users through the pictures they take and share with their social networks. By examining the patterns now what the show to others about them, and what they do not show.

Nº of people: 58 Nº of pictures: 402

Conclusions and Insights

We did this project to understand how our users manage their content and decide what show to the world in the social networks through the pictures the take and upload.

Level 1: First Grouping

We classified the photos MIDIS upload to their social networks into five major groups. The idea behind each group is present in every picture of said group.

Traveling: photos taken during foreign trips.Relationships: meaningful relationships in the life of the midis.Inspiration: things that inspire the midis, or moments of inspiration they’ve had.Professional Life: Pictures showing their…

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