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Palmera ´s first glance on Future Mindsets

The Trendslab21 was the first deep dive we´ve made on trends during a week with several international experts’ presentations, discussions and hands-on tasks that allowed us to put into practice our learnings. We had a very intense process analyzing COVID impacts, new dynamics of human relationship, communities, economies, politics and environment signals that guide us until our 3 possible Future Mindsets.

Our journey included many steps, such as: defining our methodology, in which we were amazed by the signals we've found during our Cool Hunting; classifying our evidences with keywords and finding connections between them; build connections through clusters and subclusters understanding details of each one; download insights and opportunities; and work on our scenario planning for possible future mindset trends.

In our file attached, you will find all the details about our week of signals exploration and main findings.

Take a look and enjoy our perspective of the possible future!

TRENDSLAB21 - Palmera Post
Download PDF • 1.18MB


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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Oct 23, 2021

Great Work, Nice insights, expected a cone somewhere...I just have to say the main title has a typo . It should be "How does the future look like" you do not need the S in looks

Replying to

We can´t edit it :(


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