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Our approach

To explain how we are going to work, it is important to start by reminding our project challenge:

“Identify motivation and value propositions for parties in the midi ecosystem and create engagement.”

As a team one of our objective it is deliver a cool, real and useful work, with this and our challenge in mind, we came up with 3 work fields.

We are going to speak buzz!

Contextualization and trends study

Working with primary and secondary sources we define key points to research. People are part of many social, professional networks all the time and our goal is to understand how others networks, communities and groups works, How they create engagement between members?  

Key points:

  1. Alumnis networks

  2. Professional Networks

  3. Communications tools

  4. Remote office organization

  5. Communities behaviors

Midi Experience Analysis

One of the insights we are working with is that it is important to build a “Midi: brand identity”…

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