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Organisations, Education and Work culture?

As we know DTG works on a decentralized business model, accelerated by entrepreneurs across the world, so the word client needs to redefined here, to accommodate all the stakeholders of this network. Right now, we are scheduling meetings with different stakeholders of design thinkers groups. We hope for more insights and data to set a better context for our research and come back with exciting results.

In the last post, we talked about Trendslab week, and how we explored deglobalization.

In Trendslab week, we picked up a couple of signals, loosely keeping deglobalization and our client’s challenge. We filtered it to see if it makes sense for our clients, even though this is hard to see at this point. Due to the time constraints, we narrowed down one pattern; the lucky one was “disruptive education.” 

In the week after the Trendslab, we went back a little and revisited the canvases, which we couldn’t explore during the limited time in Trendslab. This time we narrowed down our exploration bubble toOrganisations, Education, and Work culture.

This became the core idea for our 1st presentation of this Semester.

WhyOrganisations, Education and Work culture?

Keeping our challenge in mind, we tried to factor in various components of our client. Here is a brief picture of the thought…

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