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Ommatidio team

Hello, we are Ommatidio, a team of 4 membfrom India, Pakistan, Spain and Italy. Our education, professional, cultural and personal backgrounds are different, but this is the diversity that gives us the power to solve worldwide problems. Thanks to our experience, we feel comfortable in the whole design process.

Our aim is to solve problems with a Human Centre approach.


From “Ommatidium” the hexagonal units that compound the eye of the arthropods.

Each of these units helps to create an overview of the environment by providing their point of view.

At Ommatidio we consider every team member necessary to understand our clients and come up with innovative ideas.

A peripheral vision

To understand a problem we need to be able to observe it both from within and from without. With a peripheral view of the problem we will be able to find insights that will generate new opportunities.

The team


Born in Barcelona, Oriol is an industrial design engineer specializing in product development. In 2019 he won the Ei! award for the best final degree project in the technological field of Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. He is an organized person who likes to give his best in every project. He has been working as a design engineer at a submarine company for over two years.


Anum Wazir, aged 25, was born and raised in Pakistan. Being an industrial design student she learnt how technology plays a vital role in sustainability. Her take on this idea can be seen in her thesis project for which she designed an automated modular biogas plant system for the rural area residents in Pakistan. To further broaden her horizon in terms of holistic design she travelled to Barcelona and completed a Masters degree in Retail Design. She is eager to make use of her knowledge and play her role in order to contribute in making the world a better place to live.


Born in Italy, near Milan, and living in Barcelona for the past year. Graduated in Product Design at IED Milan. Passionate about the world of fashion and architecture but also about innovation in general.

An empathic and enthusiastic person, studying this master has been driven by her curiosity and desire to change things and patterns through research and analysis.


coming soon...



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