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Ommatidio: First Presentation


We had our first presentation of the project on friday!

Wanna know how it was?

We started presenting our team and our client(s). As you know we are Ommatidio and we are working on the challenge Ekipa presented us regarding Bellflight, an american company specialized in aircraft.

We presented our methodology (trying to be the most accurate and predictable we could so far), which is divided in 5 phases with some milestones concerning the OKRs and deliverables of the project.

Then we moved on to the initial challenge we received from Ekipa which is as following:

Find new sustainable alternatives to present day solutions by using drones in different supply chains of the company,


To create new market opportunities where the usage of drones can create a circular economy approach.

Researching about the brands stakeholders made us realize that most of the achievements or recognition received by the brand was related to the military and how it was being known for its technology linked to lethality.

Our research helped us tailor our point of view as following:

Bellflight needs to find new market opportunities in the field of logistics as its image is mainly based on assistance to the military projects. But the technology they have access to has great potential and can lead to opportunities in variety of fields, such as:

  • Healthcare

  • Improving agriculture

  • Disaster relief

  • Integrated solutions

These are the two drones that Bellflight has: the APT 20 (small) and APT 70 (big). We thought that showing them in real size could help us understand the dimension of the product we are dealing with. Although the company is still developing them, we thought it would be interesting to show their specifications too.

Finally, thanks to this first presentation, we could have a better understanding of our clients situation and find out a possible solution for a huge problem that Bellflight will have in Europe.

Ford was a company that had a huge business in North America. When the company tried to expand to South America by creating, what they called “Fordlandia”. The business failed. Why? Because the company didn’t understand the culture of these people.

Bellflight is a huge company that basically provides military helicopters and one of their main mottos is “Lethal, Affordable, Sustainable”.

If Bellflight wants to operate drones in Europe for helping people, in daily tasks, a study of the European culture must be carried out. In Europe, a company related to the military will have many problems trying to get rid of this image.

With this situation, one possibility to avoid future problems could be the creation of a new company that will use the technology and knowledge of Bellflight in order to use its drones in Europe. The only difference will be on the drone aesthetics, which will differ from both companies. Support in the military will continue to be provided by Bellflight and the use of drones in Europe will be led by a new company that will have no relationship with the military sector.

Stay tunedddddd :)

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Apr 21, 2021

very important to check military perce`tions in europe and how this affects their performance in the continent. learn how other drone companies are positioning themselves in other industries and which are their target groups and segments


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