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New Projects and Challenges in the DT Program 2014

For this term a couple of new projects have arrived to Midi.

One from Hewlett Packard exploring the world of Interior Design with a new wall decoration product. Our participants have the challenge to help develop strategies and mappings around new opportunities in this industry.

The Bullipedia project from Telefonica, after the finding develop in the last semester has evolved into a knowledge system to help customers, retailers and manufacturers collaborate in the development of better offers and information platforms for both. How to help shoppers find the right style according to trends and store stock?

Menu&Menu is a Small company that offers healthy high quality lunch menus, bringing them in corner shops and stand to big companies in industrial areas. The challenge here is to develop a strategy that combines a good price, communication, packaging, a great user experience and customer engagement for this new brand.

Here is a complete description of the projects our students are running this semester

1. Client: Telefonica Qualify SelfDesign a service that helps customers understand themselves through data collected via mobile devices and improve their overall wellbeing.

2. Client: Mango / Telefonica Smart Style: Design a service for smart shopping for customers who are insecure about style and need a tool like a personal shopper on their phones. it should help sales and brand engagement

3. Client Adama: A social hub that requested the creation of a business model to help homeless people be economically independent and sustainable, considering their lifestyle and habits and special skills

4. Client Menu&menu: they are in the phase of knowing their customer and their eating-at-work habits deeply to develop a brand/product strategy

5. Client Hewlett Packard Printlink: HP is exploring how to improve communications in the construction sector and the construction site trough developing new options to print and exchange of information

6. Client Hewlett Packard Digital Wall Decoration: We are working on understanding the Ecosystem of the Interior design to develop strategies to introduced digital wallpaper to designers, PSPs and final customers.

7. Client Government of Colombia: development of new strategies for communicating Human Rights in order to change the population mentality towards this topic in the new blooming economy that Colombia has now.




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