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New English version for MiDi

Most teachers and guest lecturers are the same in both versions of MIDI and the advantage is that students from non-Spanish speaking countries will not have to make the additional effort of learning a new language to deepen into the Trends Analysis and Design Thinking Techniques we explore during MiDi. The New English version of MiDi includes both Coolhunting, Design and Global Trends and Innovation and Design Thinking Programs. Two field trips are done each term and visits and activities keep growing like every year.

Our academic agreements, exchange and activities with companies like Telefonica, Cirque de Soleil, Barcelona Townhall, and institutions like D.School Postdam, HTW Berlin, Ringling College and Hogeschool in Rotterdam are also valid for the English version of MiDi.

We are quite happy to start this new adventure with the support of our amazing staff and faculty.

For more info about MiDi in English click here

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