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Navigation Through Noise

During our recent Urban Immersion Trip to  Berlin we were able to visit a number of interesting and inspiring innovative spaces. Studios where we could discuss our projects as well as innovation labs where we could see how other successful companies are making their mark in the innovation space.

We were very honoured to take part in a workshop held by Innovation Strategist and cofounder of ‘Spoke Hub- a disruptive anti agency’- Onika Simon. She curated a special workshop for us Slingshot labs crew followed by a personalised tour around her favourite spaces in Berlin.

Onika’s workshop was  titled ‘Navigation through noise’. She described wanting to provide insights into innovation, and to help us navigate through noise ‘noise’ being all the reasons people give for not doing things! For not making changes, and how you can be an innovation leader navigating around the excuses.

Noise: ‘Its too risky’, ‘We are…

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