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Meet the team (Un)known!

Our mantra is the body is a tool for understanding the world and decoding it. we look for evidences using our vision, tate, hearing, taste, smell and even intuition to unlock the layers of the context we’re studying. we understand that people are the key for every brand. we, as human beings, are responsible for building the context we live in. that’s why we believe that an innovative and efficient solution is only possible if we put the user in the center. Read more about our. project for Prettl Electronics Paket Butler at

We are team- (un)known!

Hello! We are (un)known, a strategic design and trends studio based in Barcelona.In our work, we use design thinking, human centered design, service design and trend research methodologies to get to know the unknown.

who are we?


Ana likes to push herself to think creatively and overcome her as a person in every way. She loves the final feeling of positively surprising the other and above all, surprising herself.

She has a degree in Social Communication, an MBA in Retail Business and I she also has professional experience focused on the consumer in fashion retail and food retail. She never takes for granted her knowledge, because she always thinks that is something to improve, for this reason she loves learning from people and teams she works with.


This girl from China,with a industrial design background helps her think detailed , The things she likes…

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