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Knowing each other through a screen

Gamification is not just playful interactions, but involves use of game designs inregular task and problems for solutions. The user(s) getself-motivated & engaged, enhancing the end result, as their desired reward or achievement.

After a long research about retail and how our customers behavior are, we identify that the shopping experience already has some phygital approach but its not playing an important rol for all the customers.

During our in-store visits, we payed attention to the customers interactions that they have with some of the screens that are located in some places in-store, and realized that they actually don't know ¿how it works?, some of them have shame to used it, and others don't know even that they exist.

As a result of all this research / observation and taking into account our main challenge "How to integrate the online and physical experience to create a new shopping experience for retail", we propose a solution where we integrate the current technology that stores have a new strategy.

The main idea is to create an experience where customers who are located in different stores, for example in Spain and the United States, have an interaction through the screens where they will have a challenge that appears on the screen in real time; the main purpose is to take customers through the store, for this, each participant will be told that the one who first brings an accessory or something in specific will be earning point to win a membership or discounts.

To explain our idea, we create a storyboard where we can understand how the system will works, and how we create a playfulness strategy in-store.

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