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Hello, Vujade is on the line..

Hello! Vujade is on the line.

The whole team gathered for a meeting to discuss our project last Tuesday in the morning. As a team we discussed our project and divided our tasks for our second phase of the plan.

After finishing our internal meeting. We signed on Skype for our weekly meeting with KFIZ.

Mary Manzole is the one that we always exchange information with. Hence, Imanol lead the Skype call by introducing the 4 points that we were going to review. The first main point was a review about our MIDI presentation. He basically gave an overall intro about what was the presentation based on. And how it was related with what with learned in class about trend mapping (mega, micro, macro trends).

And how can we create solutions to assist KFIZ. Consequently, It was built on the SWOT analysis that we did in the previous meeting.


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