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Hearing and smell: my journey from Figline to Barcelona

I think this Hurban Immersion is very personal and consequently what we feel by the 5 sense depends a lot on hour life experience where we have lived, for how long....

So I tought I have to speack before about a part of my life.

I come from Figline Valdarno a town of 20.000 people and I lived most of my life in this town. In figline there is all what do you need: 4 supermarket, 2 shopping center, parks, 1 square etc.

I can cross the city walking in 30 minutes. A village in a Valley in the center between the hills.

Later I did the erasmus a Malaga, I didn't find much difference for most of the sense apart for the taste and the lack of the Italian Dish.

Later I lived for 9 months in Valencia, where i had the first approach to the life of the city, I immediately felt a big difference in terms of hearing, for the continuous noise of the cars, from the group of people, from the metro, so in addition to the taste that i already felt in Malaga, in Valencia I also met difference in terms of hearing and finally the smell. The hearing and the smell that returned to the sense i had in Figline thanks for the place Turia (the ricver that crosses Valencia) then these two sense returned into tranquillity.

And now Barcelona..

I can imagine it is difficult to analyze the real Barcelona because of the situation but at the same time i felt the city because of the big difference with my Figline.

After the lock down I started to exploring the city where i could fill the needs for these 2 sense hearing and smell.

For compare these palces i choose another 3 that i totally missing in my city: Port, Gothic, Metro Station. And these are the differences i found.

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020 are giving us, the readers, the audience, a good amount of backgound information: who are you, where are you coming from, etc. That creates a good build up, imo, but your story needs a final "punchline", if you know what I mean.

It could be a sentence, a photo, a drawing or a piece of information but we need to squeeze all the possibilities of "hearing" and "smelling", your headline opening words. Please give it a try.


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