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From signals to trends

→ In the beginning we would like to say a few words about our challenge and the client for this semester. We are taking part in an international contest organized by Ekipa. It is a company that connects companies, students, start ups or universities together in economic and social challenges of the (digital) future. Our use case for “Innovate 2030” is “Sustainable textile supply chains”.

After the briefing the key question was:

How can the transformation of sustainable global textile supply chains be accomplished?

→ During this week we were studying about the process of finding, defining, and noticing trends. After Trendslab Week we had to research more, after choosing a focus specifically on transparency and clarity in the fashion industry. We also learned about patterns, cycles and trends. We are still in the process of researching and organizing information but we can already disclose our insights on signals. We are on a good way of identifying trends!

Maryland “Kids”

Beside our main challenge we are also taking part in a global Collaboration to Redesign Patient Care Experience. Together with Maryland students we are working on rethinking Healthcare in the United States. This week we had our second session and we talked about team's research on United State’s healthcare and Adventist Healthcare (the client that we concentrate on). At the end of the session we defined our focus, which is transparency in pricing and transparency in the patient’s portal on Adventist’s website. Next week we will create personas.


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