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ForwardForMade. 2nd Presentation

“Explore the future possibilities for a reality where technology and retail

intersect seamlessly…”

That is the challenge for our coolhunting project.

But why are reality and technology highlighted?

Our second presentation intended to use technology to let one of our members join the presentation from 11,000 kilometers away. But as the challenge says, there is still no seamless intersection between technology and reality. Not yet.

Further from the clumsy intent to communicate the results from this second stage, there is some information regarding this presentation that we want to share.

We added information to the signals that we gathered on the first phase of the project, but more importantly, we also came across new signals that were spotted during this stage of research and development. Those signals mostly fit in with the patterns that were already established.

This second presentation also included data from a survey, with responses from 118 people from Spain, Italy, USA and Mexico, which intended to understand consumer habits and shopping experiences from people between 20-29 years old.

With the new information and the new signals that were added, we identified, microtrends, macrotrends and megatrends that are developing.

Also we complemented this presentation with the results form the nethunting project, which also has interesting conclusions. You can see more about it here.

All this new data was analyzed in order to be able to create personas. So we can give personality to all that information.

We came to the creation of two personas which reunited the characteristics for general types of shoppers:

Claudia and Adrian.

Claudia 25, from Italy, studying her masters.

Sometimes things are really different in reality from the photos"

About shopping in stores she dislikes the "too many people" but she likes the possibility to try on clothes

Adrian, 17, high school student from USA

“I need to be free; I need to be myself, increasingly be myself, every day. With the internet, I feel much more free.”

But we realized we had to create a third persona to summarize the needs and drivers of the retailers. If they want to reach humans, they should feel like one, and we should look at them as a living organism.

Retail X

The retailer x is worried about how to survive in a bleak Covid-19 landscape

He has to re-engage, retrain and

redeploy their workforce to support new organisational priorities

“The future for retailers is to differentiate themselves providing special services, or particular experiences to the consumer.”

After gathering similar characteristics, we also identified and named some tribes:

UNIqueCORN: To be unique but share it to the world.

Common Day Shopper: You what you want and you deserve it right now.

SellToSurvive: Embrace the new era to survive.

We can see that trends are merging to connect and create strategies for users that need more connection with retailers. Therefore the customer experience, integrating all this information into the research, could lead us into a more clear path to follow for our challenge.


Our e-commerce shopping experience presentation layout seems to be restricted. So we should figure out a new and more effective way to communicate our project.

Stay tuned.


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