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Foodture Event

There were 2 different directed discussions during the event: Foodism, Food Desing, and Edible Cultural Movement and Social Food + Sustainability. We’ll share with you what we learned with each one of them. Foodism, Food Desing, and Edible Cultural Movement During this first discussion, we heard Annette Abstoss, Elsa Yranzo, Javier Torres, and Eva Hausmann share their opinions about the matter. They said that we need to make simple food sexy, that it is not about creating new, exotic dishes rather than to make the ordinary dishes more interesting for the people. Also, they discussed that food is actually a platform to express ourselves and that we should use it accordingly.

What it was about

On the 7th of November, our client gave us all the amazing opportunity of attending the Foodture event, which is a summit directed to discuss subjects related to Food and Design, Food and Technology, and Social Food. Since our project must be connected to Food and Design, we were able to see first hand who were the most important players inside the city and what are the main challenges they’re talking about nowadays.

First of all, we used the event to make networking. We got the contacts of the people that were exposing their projects, leading workshops, and discussing in the round tables. Among all of these participants are designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, chefs, startups, and businessmen and women. Thanks to this event, we got the contacts of these people and we’ve been planning to run some interviews during the next weeks. Some of them are:


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