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First approach

We are Yugen, we anticipate changes with authenticity, harmony, teamwork, creativity and authenticity.

Our team is proactive and interdisciplinary, actually co-working with Zobele Group a B2B company focused on the air care systems.

Our challenge: Create air experiences using interconnected IoT systems. To drive the next generation of smart in Air Care segment and create value to Zobele’s clients and consumers.

The first meeting with Zobele’s team was to discuss the brief and to understand the context of the project, as conclusions we will focus on the individual market (home, car, office, wearable), low cost products on the air care family and will be released in a length of time of two years.

To dive trough this challenge we will diverge and converge, discovering defining and developing, using tools like: Street hunting, net-hunting, urban immersion, interviews, workshops, focus groups etc.

We choose trends mapping as a starting point of the discovering phase…

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