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Finally reach our 3rd presentation… Very close to the end!!!

In this presentation first of all we showed the results of the “tests” we did.

Actually, for this “Iteration” experiment we thought that primarily we needed some validations of the hypothesis we had.

With the help of the learning cards so we went through the Catalan remote villages looking for business owners, our principal end user’s target.

We did some calls to restaurants and hotels owners, asking them about the lack of accessibility they really have and about their trips to the nearest big town.

This gave us very useful insights, mostly they confirmed the lack of accessibility, also they told us about how the trips they frequently have to do are expensive and, even if they go to the town once a week to buy food, they always try to make the trip as profitable as possible, buying all the stuff they need from there.

Also, we had reassurances about the drone acceptance, even we discovered that a Catalan farmer already use a similar system to move his goods.

The second part of the test was with the town hall representant, he complained about the bad communication in his village due to climate and territorial conditions and said that they receive delivery service only once a week.

From last part of the experiment, we had information about regulations EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

We decided to use all those insights we reached and to put them in two different diagrams doing intersection analysis. In the middle of the intersections so we have the opportunities we found out.

We did one with the final users (inhabitants and business owners) and the town hall authorities, and one other with the features we already knew about the drones and the regulations.

Using this important part of interviews, we came out with a new value proposition. Through which we want to show the most relevant values and features that we offer with our service Colibry.

“Colibry is the smartest way to have access to whatever you need, wherever you are.

Stop wasting your time making long trips!

There is no place our drones can’t reach.

The most sustainable and innovative service for your daily needs.”

Why “Colibry”? They’ve Got the Moves.

No other birds can fly like hummingbirds. They can fly forward, backward and even upside down! Hummingbirds are also the only vertebrate capable of hovering for a period of time during flight.

Along with being agile, hummingbirds have speed and stamina.

They have been clocked at nearly 30 mph in direct flight and more than 45 mph during courtship dives. Last, they are pollinator.

At the end we explained our Business Model Canvas.

This process was about building a BMC from the results of the desktop research and the interviews.

The interviews gave us interesting insights for the project and the stakeholders map; also they help the formulation of the value proposition above.

The opportunities:

-Create a weekly service that provide accessibility in remote areas, of different kind of goods, using drones in order to improve quality of life.

-Create an on demand service that provide accessibility in remote areas in times of urgent needs.

Our initial idea was to combine both types of services since the beginning, but we found out that for the start of the project was better to narrow down and to make it more feasible.

We know that this service won’t be profitable in short times, but also is a new market opportunity that we hope that can spread in a period of time.

Stay tuned for last exhibition!


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