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As we have discussed many, many times before. Our client is trying to build a Food Innovation Hub in Barcelona. Our first conclusion while trying to discover the drivers of our client, was that they, of course, want to make Barcelona a better place for all of their citizens. Nevertheless, watching closely, we are now thinking that this reasoning might not be enough.

During the last two weeks, we’ve had many classes where teachers have given us tools in order to understand better our client and the challenge itself. We had a class that focused on Drivers, nonetheless, almost none of us knew what a driver was. So let’s get to it!

What is a driver?

Put simply, a driver is a force that motivates us into action which could be both about doing and not doing something. A driver is an individual thing: it depends on each one’s context, experiences, sex, fears, beliefs, etc. However, we try to analyze drivers collectively so we can develop useful research based on people’s reasons to do or not to do. 

Where do drivers come from?

Drivers are always related to our needs. We usually use as a reference, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, where he classifies human needs that go from basic needs to…

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