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Design Thinking Week or The Game Changer Week!

Design Thinking Week was very intense and exhaustive. But it helped us to explore new perspectives of our challenge. The various tools and methods involved in the DT process enabled us to assess and organise all the information we had along with the new information we gathered during this week. During this process, we explored different direction and toyed with multiple new ideas, which in turn enabled us to reframe our challenge. By the end of the week, we had a new challenge and a new solution in our hand. We prototyped and visualised the latest version of our challenge.

For our client’s discretion, we are going to assign them a different name. let’s call them “Volt.”

Context mapping

Keeping in mind our challenge from last semester’s Volt project /HMW help Volt enter the Spanish market?/, we sketched an economic climate which tells us about the general situation around the…

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