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Covid-19 Design Exhibition

After the first presentation, we had a plan to go to The Barcelona Design Museum, where is within 1 min on foot from the Glories Metro line 1. This could be useful for us to find more signals and patterns related to our project, we hope.

Barcelona Design Museum realized from this situation, they already recorded during the confinement and began to document and select the different responses, both public and private, to form a collection that was a witness, paying special attention to the elements of protection, to the clinical machinery and to the communicative graphic design. Just as the pandemic has given a rise to different initiatives according to the needs of each moment, the collection will continue to grow to capture the exceptionality of the moment and the different designs that have helped save lives. The usefulness of design has been, is and will be, more than ever, a reflection of our time.

This exhibition presents a selection of the many initiatives, from the world of design, have given a rapid response to the health crisis caused by the COVD-19 pandemic. Most of those designs were produced during the pandemic when there was a huge urgent need to save lives and protect people immediately. A load of proposals, then, have emerged during confinement with a clear goal: Design for help and protection. In our society, information technology and digitization have also facilitated collaborative design, the fluid relationship between transversal equipment, the availability of access to open-source designs and the possibility of 3D printing. Everywhere, companies, universities, in the offices, or simply from our home.

Thank you.


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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Dec 04, 2020

Great, I see you enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing!!!


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