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Co-Creating Drone Services

On May 12 we held a Co-Creation session with two motivated and talented participants, Marco and Victor. From the session we were able to get insigths from potential users of our product that showed us viable options that we had not considered before.

In order to carry out the session, we had to organize it by setting a duration of 2 hours. From here we devised activities for each of the phases of the session: introduction, development and end.


  • What is your name?

  • What are you doing here in Barcelona?


  • Think about the favourite place that you’ve been living and write about:

    • One thing that you like. (Use 1x green post-it!)

    • One thing that you don’t like. (Use 1x red post-it!)

    • One thing that you want to change / one thing that is missing. (Use 1x yellowpost-it!)

The participants will have to guess which kind of place he has chosen. Ommatiodio will also participate.

20 min

DEVELOPMENT (1h 15 min)

  • Look the map, and write:

    • Good things of living in: town and remote area.

Participants will have to paste 4 green post its (2 in the remote area and 2 in the tow)

15 min

  • Bad things of living in: town and remote area

Participants will have to paste 4 red post-it (2 in the remote area and 2 in the tow)

15 min

  • We have these drones. How will you include these vehicles in a crazy way to this map?

(Write a post-it and show the situation)

15 min

  • From these 10 drones which are your 2 favorites in terms of aesthetics?

(The participants will see 10 different existing drones and will have to choose their two favorite ones)

25 min


With this technology in mind and the exponential growth of technology. What sort of future do you see?

(The participants will write in an DIN A4 paper the future they see. After that, with the same paper they will make a plane and throw it into a circle. If they throw it inside the circle they will receive a special gift.)

15 min

The Co-Creation session was very successful, even though we only had two participants they worked hard and helped us as much as they could.

See you in the next post! :)

(Oriol Povill, Giulia Rossi, Anum Wazir)


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