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Summertime sadness

Sometimes you get the perception that having lived in a place for a long time you already know all about it. After this week, I've discovered different ways to perceive a city in my case Barcelona.

If you want to know a city you must eat all the varieties of food that it offers you, get lost in the streets, or stand at one point and just look around.

This year is my second year here in Barcelona, and my perceptions of the city are very conflictive. Because you are in Spain but the best food that you can eat in the city is from another countries, so im tasting diversity.

Furthermore, when I'm walking through the street and I look to the buildings I can see the past but if I look down I can view the future, the past and the present. So it's like you see everything and nothing at the same time, is confusing. Also while you are walking you can smell the bakeries and fruit market but at the same time on a rainy day you can smell the dirt on the walls, the smell of pipes or the bad smell that the metro has. Smells you love or hate like hawaiian pizza.

So when I assimilate all these characteristics, I can see Barcelona as a broken toy. For me it has an opportunity to change, it’s difficult but you can’t live eternally in the past you must live in the present to see a future.

The video

In the video you have details about everything, for example the typography is Franking Gothic bold to express the darkness, fake friendly city and the dirt. The vertical format of the video is because Instagram and tiktok there are the new social network.

The first part of the video is what the people sell you about Barcelona, Gaudi, parties, food, beers, modern people and festivals. But when you come and analyse the city is more sad. You see how the time passes by, how it is consumed, like a flower that withers, it is like the sculpture “La piedad” which represents a mother loosing her son. The candles is because sometimes you pray to gods with a candle for something, I pray for Barcelona because now it’s like a floppy disk always listening the same song. At last, you can see a younger girl painting a heart in a bus station, that symbolise the young people who made things to improve this city, and are not heard by the government.

I love Barcelona, but not the one from the past, I love the Barcelona of the future.

Link for download the video:

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
05 de nov. de 2020

Brilliant last sentence. Here comes the challenge: how would you express that sentence with a video, like the one you made?


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