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Book of December: Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

We start this month recommending a book that highlights EMPATHY as the center of design processes. This books a great tool to understand the design from Product Managers and Designers perspectives.

Jon Kolko defines also four key stages to the end-to-end phases to create WELL-DESIGNED products. Therefore, this process requires to keep on mind different steps before launching or going to market.

First, Determine a product-marketfit, by seeking signals from communities of users; then, Identify behavioral insights, by conducting ethnographic research; Sketch a product strategy, by synthesizing complex research data into simple insights; and the last one, Polish the product details, using visual representations to simplify complex ideas.

In this book, you will find why empathy is something to be learned and taught, you will understand how to find the simplest outcome for the complexity of human, will get how strict ideation will help you developing the product’s personality and, finally, you will sketch visual representations to send a clear message about the product to the stakeholders.

Have you read this book before? Do you consider EMPATHY as important as this author mention throughout his book?

Share your thoughts and let’s make innovation your culture! #BookOfTheMonth #ProductDesign #Empathy #JonKolko #WellDesigned #LaInnovationKitchen


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