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Barcelona - the heart of innovation

This week was Innovation Week!

Every day we visited different places in order to seek inspiration. In every place we were guided around and we had the opportunity to see those places from the “backstage”. We visited three co-working places: CitiLab, Imagine Cafe and Casa Seat that are not only created as co-working spaces but also for much more. These places are meant to create a community that works and innovates together. They are also organizing many different events to inspire, lead and guide others.

Two days were devoted to visit two companies that we could also see from inside: Nacar and Accuture. Both companies are located in very beautiful places. Nacar have their office in Palo Alto Foundation that is inside an old factory and Accuture is located in a very modern building with a great view of Tibidabo and the city of Barcelona. It is so much easier to get inspired in such beautiful places!

Team: Angela, Tosia, Julis, Anum

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jun 17, 2021

excellent Thanks for the review.


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