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This is a question that many have asked me ever since i have decided to Study abroad, Why , if you have the hola world ? Why Barcelona ?

Well i have no particular answer for that yet. So i started exploring the rest of the world , lets take for instance new york, they say new york is for people for dreams yet somehow rutinarie and repetitive, all aiming for the highest. Lets try somewhere else, let's say paris, for me its to much excitement, it was built for you to encounter every Block something new, some world new, exciting but in the long run excitement Burns over. For instance india, diverse in their food, in their smells, even in their believes but yet somehow chaotic.

I arrived here no aiming to explain why here, but this weekend we had a task. we were asked to feel barcelona. So I've decided to finally answer this question, since i've arrived i wanted to perceive the sea so I've selected gótico, barceloneta y la rambla.

My first stop was the market La boqueria, it was a strong mixture, with the smells you couldn't tell what was there but it was a mixture of culinarie statements, starting with sea salt, passing by strong serrano and going trough tropical with fruits and


The mixture and the place was extrong and exotic making the correct statement of mediterranean..

The next stop was El gótico , wich we visited la catedral de barcelona and the kiss mural.

This was a complete different scenario it was calm and steady making you getting lost in time. The place looked that it hasn't moved in years, like even the people were

there in a movie , never changing. The smell was like street , mixed with years and hope. People there were in a contemplating status that made the place look wholesome.

The last stop was the beach , wich for me it was the ultimatum of contemplation, it was a medium weather and even tho this are difficult times people were amongst each other happy. As such, even if they were mad n a call they didn't seem mad in the inside.It was like a safe place, a safe bubble with wave sounds. This made me realize that maybe i dont know why destiny has brought me here , or what is my purpose here but i do know that there is no other place i rather be.

So i still have no answer for my question on why barcelona, but i guess that is what love is .

So to all the readers out there, if you want to find yourself come to barcelona,

Because that is what barcelona is a place for lost souls.

By Angela Ma. Zuluaga.

23. oct.2020

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

The "City for Lost Souls" idea has plenty of possibilities. My challenge for you: try to express that with a single image without any human presence and, wait for it, trying not to be gloomy. Let's see what comes out from there...


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