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Always gardens have stones

The main idea is that life never is what you expect, but you can redirection in the way that you want, sometimes. And that’s the way Barcelona makes me feel, I had many expectations when I planned to come here but the real Barcelona gives me another perspective.

On the presentation I will talk about how I felt when I arrived to Barcelona and some examples that makes me draw a map of Barcelona not really wonderful. But here I would like to show you a serie of pictures tha represent the expectations of the city that I had.

And not just the ones that I have, the ones that I’m going to discover these months.

Paseo por Gracia

The first page shows the route that we did (more or less) Laura, Sara and me.

Because of work, there was not many time to explore all the places in deep but we could have a general picture of the area.

It was kind of mix between beautiful old buildings telling you how powerful was the people who lived there, and creative people who see the life on a different way (an urban garden, for example).

We also followed a guy and he gave us a great life makes. He looked quite common but we were in shock when we saw the place where he lives (he had the key, so we guess).

I add on the pdf also some pictures about another experience, an exposition. It didn’t was plan but when I started to take pictures about the artworks, I took also pictures about the people that it was there. Curiously all the visitors during my time there were couples, less one of them, the curious man looking after the paint. Because it was imposible to see the expresions of the face, it was nice to see the feelings that we express with our bodies.

The exercise of taste something for free didn’t was really succesful in our case buuut we can say that the gigant donuts with lotus cookie and the carrot cake was delicius and made us forget that it was raining at this moment.

The last exercise it was the subway experience. The feelings that it produced on me are loneliness and on the same time burden. There is always many people but their minds are in other place (phone, music, books...).

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
Nov 05, 2020

I really like your post title. Gardens and stones. Evocative, has a lot of potential . "Squeeze" those concepts, because they offer you a wide range of creative possibilities.

Look at the subway page in your presentation: the small pics kinda look like stones in a garden...or maybe not. Once you find a good visual concept it, play wit its potential, use it in unexpected ways, suprise the readers/audience and surprise yourself.


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