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3rd Presentation, from ideas to prototypes

As a new service, KM could provide in depth customer support, especially to new parents, that are mostly confused and overwhelmed with their upcoming new lifestyle. KM would give appointments to create preliminary moodboard of products they offer and supply for newborn’s room furniture, accessories… This creates emotion and help them to save time and money selecting what are the: Must have, Should have, Could have or Won’t have products, after analyzing the combination by the experts.

We are in the final path of our project. And after 3 months of intensive research, prototyping, analyzing, validating and testing many assumptions, and after our last co creation analysis of our clients situation, we could have a consensus of what should be our next steps. Following the messy process of design thinking, we are finally on our way to find clarity and focus in designing our solution.

In this third presentation we decided to test our prototyped new business model of KM store in Bruc, and get recommendations from our mentors, colleagues and clients.

The idea was to design and test 3 different spaces in KM family physical store in Bruc that could offer different experiences for our identified users, according to their interests or needs. The New Parents, The Gifters (extended family), the Tourists, and The Minimalists.

With differentiating between the two stores profiles in Bruc and Mallorca…

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