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2nd presentation Ommatidio

Hi everyone from Ommatidio!

We just had our second Project Presentation on the 14th of May.

We started this presentation with a map of an area of Catalunya that is composed of several remote villages like the one in which we wanted to apply our service during the SDW.

Actually here the only town is La Senia and it is surrounded by 7 villages with an average of 100 inhabitants each.

People living there have to go to La Senia in order to access a lot of services, but the roads are narrow and winding and the distances are quite huge.

To create our Personas Profiles we took as example two inhabitants of El Ballestar, one of these villages.

For one side we have Ana, catalan, 40, she used to live in Barcelona but she decided to move to a village looking for tranquility, privacy, nature and a different lifestyle. She is happy about her new sistemation, but she is struggling with some things, like online orders and other facilities.

The other profile is the one of Alex, 32, also catalan. He has to run his family business, the only one restaurant in the village. His goal is to improve and renew it instead to leave it close.

He is passionate, but he also has to deal with some pains as renouncing to lot of suppliers due to the distance.

Analyzing the Customer Journey Map of each of them, about the moments of an online order and a grocery order, we found similar touch points that basically are about the distance of the pick up points and the fact that there is no direct delivery in the village.

From those we could find opportunities about better delivery options, invent a rent service for delivery but also about connect local businesses.

From this we reformulated our challenge as

“How might we help Bell’s identity in order to enter the market of sustainable logistics, so that innovative drone delivery systems can be found providing accessibility of goods to people living in remote areas.”

We also had to create a new brand image for this service in order to change the “military” one of Bell Flight.

“Aerocart” born from the belief that the quality of life can be improved in remote areas, providing more accessibility in a sustainable way.

The main values of Aerocart are:






And the goals:



Cost efficient

Time efficient


This new brand aims to complete and improve transportation gaps around the world by using our cutting edge technology, offering services in on demand delivery, rental services, emergency, maintenance and the option of collaboration.

In the end we also prototype the website trough which new users can explore and discover Aerocart and all the services, giving them the possibility to see a render of the drone, but also to learn more about us and eventually get in touch with us.

It’s still a prototype but it works!

Here you can take a look:

Our next steps are about investigate with businesses and people resident in these remote villages in order to have a better understanding about what they really need and which kind of service could be more profitable for them.

From this research we will able to develop and structure better our solution.

Stay tuned! :)

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
19 mai 2021

Watchout about the Brand image and keep working on contacting people in villages to test your prototype of the Company using a mockup of the company service portfolio online


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