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Why is “Sustainable Design” a trend?

The right design is sustainable design The design of sustainable products can solve the problem of economic development, and maintain a stable estate. Economic benefits and wealth are contrary to the general concept, nowadays, it is actually possible to avoid harm to society or the environment when producing overall benefits. There are many examples to prove this the right way when we producing products that not only can get profits but also help people and the world! Let’s do it together, let’s help others and let’s help the homeless! read more at

Last time we met with our client, Juan Carlos, he strongly believed in the possibility and future of the circular economy, as well as the sustainable products. So today ’s topic is about sustainable products from the perspective of a designer.

  1. Behind the bright and beautiful products, how much environmental damage, waste of resources and labor squeeze?

Everything starts with this reflection, these issues have gradually attracted attention from the whole world in recent years, so people have begun to reflect on whether there is a way to not only benefit from the product, but also have environmental protection, social responsibility, and even aesthetics. Therefore, the concept of “sustainable design” began widely discussed in different terms.

Sustainable design is not only a matter of environmental protection but also a circular economy that makes the best use of it. It is also a social design that makes the system more complete…

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