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2020 is going strange for me too as everybody. I thought about this period, stayed at home with my family, we cooked, we afraid, we bored, we depressed too. The fascinating thing about being human is we are able to adapt to every condition. A human being can create their own reality. However, when you feel fear or anxiety you cannot see the big picture. You start to make walls and create boundaries to protect yourself from the unknown. By the time it became a habit and change us. Our places, friends, families even ourselves became unfamiliar for us. We feel confused about our life. This is not my city, this is not my office before it was. we are missing our old habits. We heard many things from social media, people, news etc. and they created " a new normal" for humans.

However, I get bored with all these stories. I am human, I have my power to change something, I can live in everywhere as before my ancestor did. Well, let me see what I have... If others can create a new normal for all, why I cannot create my own reality?

I came to Barcelona to discover new gems, create a new reality. Probably people feel stuck in this city. I felt the same in my city too. The city called me to give it new meanings, change its perspective. Nonetheless, Barcelona is 'unfamiliar territory' for me. Now every single sign in the street, every sound in the beach, weird trees in the public spaces is unknown for me. I am discovering this city. Sometimes it makes me wow, sometimes makes me think. But mostly every single gem which I discovered in Barcelona make me relief. It heals me. Maybe I am the one who needs a new meaning and perspective... And the city revives me...

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Raül Tidor
Raül Tidor
05 de nov. de 2020

The "healing" idea (linked with the discovery attitude) is extremely powerful. Try to express that with a single image/picture, choosing carefully the essentials elements you wanna show: Bcn places? Its people? You?

Actually, you already threw some hints and clues which could be useful: perspective, walls boundaries, human, reality... This new image could be a good companion for your own post.


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