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May I talk to Cristiano Ronaldo?

Social media has created a feeling about been closer to whoever we want in the world. We can know what Britney had for lunch or if Beyoncé went shopping, through a screen. But the truth is that the gap between normal people and superstars is getting bigger.

As such distance increases, Gen Z found a way to feel that gap: Influencers.

It is easier to go upstairs, step by step, that trying to reach the top of the Everest with one big jump.

Each step of this stair is a comfortable valley, where people can interact more easy in both directions. People who is above can reach the next down level in a more effective way, and vice versa.

So, who do Gen Z listen to?

They listen to people who they feel close. They aim high, but not as high so they break their neck. Just as high enough as the next level.

Because it's easier going one step at the time.

If retail wants to improve the user experience, they will have to understand that Gen Z buys to enhance, not to possess.

Every stage of the shopping experience should focus on how to add value to the one who is buying, not to the object that it's been bought.


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