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The Strangest Objects

When at first, we started to work on our Photoresearch project, we had already used and tested several research tools, such as desktop research and field research, and each time, the challenge of finding new applications for IME technology became more difficult, because we starting to enter a loop from which it becomes difficult to get out when you spent too much time doing research for a long period of time about the same subject.

So, we decided to take advantage of this exercise to give the project a twist and the way we had been applying research methodologies, and look for the strangest objects that we could find that work’s with electronics.

The results were very interesting, since we managed to make a comparison of the objects that we use in our daily lives and the strange devices that could serve us with the same or similar purpose. This led us into two important conclusions:

1. Objects with electronic components are everywhere, of all sizes and with all kinds of functionalities, showing us that the universe of technology applications is very wide and varied.

2. By this time, in the daily life of an average person, a significant number of electronic objects are already immersed in our life without realizing it. We have already become accustomed to interacting with technology so much that it blends into our home, office, among other aspects of our days.

These findings, combined with our purpose of turning the communication of technology into a closer and more experiential one, gave us the guideline to carry out our presentation of the research: Storytelling

We created a story which tells about a day in the life of a person, we discover objects as interesting as they are strange and funny, and we manage to show a scenario in which for 24 hours a woman relies on electronic objects for practically all the tasks, hobbies, difficulties and needs that she has.

We presented the printed version of the photos in B&W and at the same time we were projecting them in color, to make the duality of the old and the new way of doing things.

Doing it this way, it led us to two different levels of communication with our client:

  • There is a world to experiment in terms of fields of application of technology.

  • Explaining something like a complex technology, becomes easier and more attractive and effective if you tell a story that everyone can relate to.

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