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Do you remember those exams where you were not able to look at your friend’s answers?

We’ve been taught no to look at somebody else's ideas, and keep pushing our own until they succeed. Is this an efficient way to be productive?

We should ask the romans

We can see that there is no one person rowing the entire ship, so why should we try to solve a problem entirely by ourselves?

This week we had the co creation session. We invited people to share ideas, thoughts, concepts, and point of views to have a broader perspective of the challenge.

We invited Kat as the client expert, Viviana, as a customer, and Brenda as an expert in circular economy.

As you may know by now, if you have been following our posts, our challenge is not focused in just a country, and we had the opportunity to have participants from different parts of the world. Netherlands, Spain and Mexico. Taking advantage of one of the most boosted megatrends in this pandemics, we used digital tools to make it possible to be all together in one place, even when we were thousands of kilometers away from each other.

But, it was not just to have a zoom call and chit chat about home appliances and what they value the most or what they are struggling with. A day before we prepared the activities and the structure of the dynamic in order to reach our goal: validate our main concept that is awareness.

Through 45 minutes the participants shared their ideas, not to us as the team trying to solve the challenge, but to all of us as people who have home appliances and want a better world. Or at least a better way to have them.

By the time we finished there were insights that helped us to validate our idea, but also valuable thoughts about real people living with real home appliances.

As a society we belong to a group of people who share the same goals and ideals, so it’s better to come together in a creative space to think about the problems that we are facing, because everybody is an expert on something that matters to him.

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Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
Jorge Rodriguez Nieto
May 19, 2021



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