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Prototypes and co

Let us start by saying that everyday goes by ,we are more attached to our project !

the project that we’ve been working on since late February, we as a team cannot believe how days went by and its coming to an end by the early next month.

If you want to dive in in into our strategy and know more about our prototypes !

We have used 5 element framework to frame our strategy.:

  1. What: What learning experience are we trying to create for our client?

  2. From Whom: Msf staff who are working in remote areas as well as the L&D team as one of our personas (corporate Persona)

  3. Context: Quality and level of connectivity is on going concern, Staff with different levels of literacy & digital Compliance.

  4. Goal: is to fins a human-centred solution aligned with MSF learning strategy and vision.

  5. Assumptions: we continue our research…

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